BHcG Applications

The ß-HcG Health Package, which has been implemented in many countries for about twenty years, is not only a weight loss program but also a supportive feature in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. After the initial consultation with our patients, we conduct blood tests based on the results of which we design a personalized diet. During a period ranging from 30 to 60 days, the individual injects ß-HcG daily around the navel. Patients who have completed the treatment show psychological relief. According to their feedback, we observe a change in their perspective on life, improved sleep patterns, increased sexual performance, and enhanced daily activities. Patient compliance with the treatment is excellent, and many patients express interest in undergoing a second course. The treatment is safe, easy to administer, and ensures strict adherence to the prescribed diet. When applied correctly, rapid weight loss occurs, shaping the body as a result of the treatment.
What is ß-HcG?
(ß-HcG = Beta Human chorionGonadotropichormone) HCG is a glycoprotein produced by trophoblastic cells in the placenta. It consists of two distinct chains, Alpha and Beta (ß). It accelerates weight loss, is easy to administer, and facilitates continued weight loss afterward. Obesity is not just being overweight; therefore, diet alone does not treat obesity but can assist in the process. HcG acts at the hypothalamic level, correcting hypothalamic disorders and subsequently influencing fat metabolism. The mechanism of action includes:
Accelerating metabolism in fatty tissues through lipolysis via lipogenesis.
Increasing mobilization of fat stores.
Enhancing fat consumption in peripheral tissues.
Resulting in an increase in free fatty acids with a single dose of ß-HcG in adults.
Targeting the hypothalamic region in the brain responsible for obesity.
Addressing symptoms of obesity in this region, akin to conditions like diabetes focusing on specific organs (pancreas in diabetes, thyroid gland in hypothyroidism).

How is ß-HcG Administered?

A preliminary meeting is conducted to inform the patient.
On the first day of treatment, blood tests are performed.
Depending on the test results, ß-HcG is injected daily around the navel for a period ranging from 30 to 60 days, along with a personalized diet.
Is it safe to lose weight with hormone injections?
Dosages are crucial in hormone use. The desired effects and safety are achieved with the correct dosage. The dosage of the BHcG hormone we use (125 IU) is 1/1500th of the daily amount produced in a pregnant individual (200,000 IU). This dosage does not show any side effects. In fertility treatments, individuals are administered 5000 IU of BHcG hormone daily without any observed side effects.

What are the benefits of the ß-HcG regimen?

Weight loss occurs in two ways. Firstly, it prevents weight gain, the primary goal of the diet. Secondly, it encourages weight loss by promoting physical activity and increasing basal metabolism. The breakdown of fat cells is challenging, and this is where HcG comes into play, facilitating the emptying of fat stores in fatty and non-fatty tissues. The low-calorie diet prevents the refilling of newly emptied fat cells and includes proteins, minerals, and fibers.
Is the applied diet low enough in calories? Will I feel hungry?
Adequate calories are provided by the dissolution of fats from fat cells through HcG. This supplies sufficient energy for daily activities, and individuals do not feel hungry. However, due to habit, they may desire to eat or feel the urge to chew. Some individuals may feel the need to eat more due to habit, thinking they are hungry when there is a difference between hunger and the desire to eat. In a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study, blood sugar levels remained normal in the group on an HcG diet, while the group on a diet without HcG showed lower levels. Therefore, those on a diet without HcG lose muscle tissue, while those using HcG experience fat tissue loss.
Is HCG treatment suitable for weight loss during pregnancy?
It is not recommended.
How many calories are burned with the HCG regimen? Does increasing the dose burn more fat?
The amount of fat burned varies depending on the stored fat. Increasing the HcG dose does not have any effect. (Increasing the dose is not beneficial in treatment.)
What are the side effects of HCG treatment, or are there situations where it should not be used?
It is essential to know that 200,000 units of HcG are produced daily during pregnancy. In this treatment, 125-150 units are given daily, making it completely safe. The subcutaneously applied HcG has a half-life of 33 hours, meaning it does not cause storage.
My menstrual cycle changed; could it be related?
No, it is not related.
If this method is effective, why isn't the pharmaceutical industry making significant investments in it?
HcG hormone is a natural substance like blood. It cannot be patented.
I have been on the HcG regimen for two weeks and haven't lost as much weight as I expected. Why?
Have you been drinking enough water every day? (Avoid using sugar, fat, and milk in tea.)
Have you strictly adhered to the diet? (No small changes should be made.)
Have you used cream or body lotion?
Does HcG prevent breast cancer?
There are studies suggesting that HcG may prevent breast cancer in women. Moreover, the dose applied in the treatment package (125 IU/day) is higher than that used in some non-weight loss treatments (e.g., in vitro fertilization, 5000 IU/day for 3 months), and no side effects have been observed in these patients.