BHcG Applications

The ß-HcG Health Package, which has been used for nearly twenty years in numerous nations around the globe, not only helps weight loss but also the treatment of conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, making those who take advantage of the program happy. We do blood tests following the initial consultation with our patients because of this. The participant receives daily ß-HcG injections around the navel for 30 to 60 days while following a customized diet, in accordance with the results. I have seen psychological improvement in my patients who have finished the course of treatment so far.  According to what they told me, we know that there is a change in their perspective on life, their sleep patterns are settled, and their sexual performances and activations in their daily lives increase. Patient compliance with the treatment is very good, and many patients want to have a second cure. The treatment is safe and easy to administer, and also ensures full adherence to the diet. When applied correctly, rapid weight loss occurs, and as a result of the treatment, it shapes the body.

What is ß-HcG?

(ß-HcG =Beta Human chorionGonadotropichormone) HCG has a glycoprotein structure and is produced from trophoblastic cells from the placenta. It consists of two separate chains called Alpha and Beta (ß). It accelerates weight loss, is easy to apply and makes it easier to lose weight afterward. Obesity is not just about being overweight. Therefore, dieting alone does not cure obesity, it helps. HcG acts at the hypothalamic level. It corrects the hypothalamic disorder and then affects fat metabolism. Therefore, HcG is a very good aid in the treatment of obesity.

Effect Mechanism:

* It accelerates the metabolism in the fatty tissue, makes lipolysis and does this through lipogenesis.

* Increases the mobilization of fat stores.

* Increases fat consumption in peripheral tissue.

* In adults, an increase in free fatty acid occurs with a single dose of ß-HcG.

* The area responsible for obesity is thought to be the hypothalamic area in our brain.

* As in some diseases (such as the pancreas in diabetes, the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism), the findings in obesity tend to this region.

How is ß-HcG administered?
* When the patient arrives, he is informed by making a preliminary interview.

* Blood tests are done on the day the treatment starts.

* According to the results of the analysis, ß-HcG is injected around the navel every day for a period of 30-60 days, along with a personalized diet.


Is it safe enough to lose weight with hormone injections?

Dosages are very important in hormone use. Hormones given in the required dosage create the desired effect and side effects are not seen. The dose of BHcG hormone we use (125 U) is 1 in 1500 of the daily amount (200,000 U) produced in a pregnant person. The hormone in this dosage does not show any side effects. In the treatment of infertility, the person is given 5000 U of BHcG hormone per day. And here, too, no side effects are observed.

Without a doubt, everyone loses weight with a low-calorie diet.

ß- What is the benefit of the HcG cure for us?

An inspection happens in two ways. First; weight gain is prevented. This is the diet's task. The aim of the diet is primarily to prevent weight gain. Latter; promotes weight loss. Expanding calories by doing sports and increasing basal metabolism. Fat cells are very difficult to destroy. Here the task of HcG begins. It ensures the discharge of fat stores in oily and non-fatty tissue. Weight can be lost with a low-calorie diet; however, the dieter needs to work, take care of his family and continue his social relations. The female placenta produces HcG during pregnancy (from the 6th to the 16th week). During the HcG treatment, the required energy is provided by dissolving the fat deposits, especially in the abdomen and hips. A low-calorie diet prevents the newly discharged fat cells from refilling. The applied diet contains protein, minerals and fibers.

The applied diet is low-calorie enough. Am I not hungry?

With HcG, sufficient calories are provided by dissolving fat from fat cells. This provides the person with enough energy for daily activity. In addition, the person does not feel hungry thanks to HcG, but he may want to eat or chew something out of habit. Some people want to eat more due to their habits and think that they are hungry. However, being hungry and wanting to eat are different. In a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study, blood glucose levels remained normal in the group that dieted with HcG, while it was low in the group that dieted without HcG. In conclusion; While muscle tissue is lost in those who diet without using HcG, fat tissue loss is achieved in patients using HcG.

Is HCG therapy appropriate for weight loss in pregnant women?
Not recommended.

How many calories are burned with the HcG cycle?
If more doses of HcG are injected, will the amount of fat-burning increase? Answer: The amount of oil consumed varies according to the amount of stored oil. Injecting more doses of HcG has no effect. (Increasing the dose has no benefit in treatment.)

What are the side effects of HcG treatment or are there any situations that should not be used?
The first thing to know is: 200 thousand units of HcG are produced per day in pregnant women. In this treatment, 125-150 units are given per day. So it is a completely safe treatment. The half-life of HcG administered subcutaneously is 33 hours, that is, it is not stored.

My menstrual cycle has changed, could it be related?
No, it has nothing to do with it.

If this method is effective, why isn't the pharmaceutical industry investing heavily in it?
HCG hormone is a natural substance like blood. It cannot be patented.

I've been on the HcG cycle for two weeks, I couldn't lose as much weight as I expected. Why is that?
1. Did you drink enough water every day? (Sugar, oil and milk should not be used while drinking tea.) 2. Was the diet strictly followed? (Not even a small change should be made.) 3. Is cream, and body lotion used?

Is it true that HcG prevents breast cancer?
There are studies that HcG prevents breast cancer in women. In addition, more than the dose applied in the treatment package (125 IU/day) is used in some treatments other than weight loss (For example, in vitro fertilization 5000 IU/day for 3 months). No side effects are observed in these patients.