Ozone Sauna

It is a method of delivering ozone and oxygen gas to the body in a one-person steam cabin, accompanied by high heat.

Treats and Prevents Cellulite
Cellulite is a disease that occurs in the lower layer of the skin, just around the fat tissue and leaves a rough appearance on the upper part of the skin. It is mainly caused by circulatory disorders in the fat tissue.

Cellulitis occurs as a result of decreased oxygenation and circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It is aimed to remove the waste substances in the cells, to increase the circulation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue by oxygenation, to burn the fats and to make the tissues healthy. The tissues that are washed with oxygen become much smoother, cleaner and healthier.

Renews and Beautifies the Skin
Ozone Sauna helps the skin to be renewed by removing dead cells and to have a soft, smooth and more resistant surface.

Strengthens the Immune System
Ozone Sauna, beyond the relaxation it creates in the body; It is also an auxiliary treatment tool for complaints such as colds, arthritis, headaches, weakness. It is a scientific fact that at 40°C the reproduction rate of viruses decreases 250 times and at 41°C the bacteria that cause pneumonia (pneumonia) die.

Ozone Sauna increases the body's resistance to external influences.
Ozone Sauna fulfills the excretion of heavy metals, which require the kidneys to work for 24 hours, in 15 minutes through sweating.

Provides Healthy Weight Loss
Ozone Sauna helps to remove fats, fatty acids, metabolic elements and harmful toxins from the body without loading the heart. Thus, it prevents the body from excessive fat and weakens it.

With the Ozan sauna, the heat penetrates 4 to 6 centimeters under the skin. Thus, the toxins accumulated between the lubrication and fat particles can be easily reached, providing 7 times more sweating than the classical sauna with steam. With Ozone Sauna, you can sweat 600 gr. in a 30-minute session.

With Ozone Sauna, your body spends between 200 and 450 calories in the same duration session.

Solves Stress and Fatigue
Especially thanks to the increased blood circulation in the muscle tissue, substances such as lactic acid, which cause fatigue and pain, are rapidly removed. In this way, after a short rest after the session, daily life can be continued in a much more relaxed and energetic state.

Respiration, circulation and cardiovascular system work accelerates during sauna application. These systems perform a kind of exercise. With the effect of activated internal secretion systems, hormonal mechanisms that cause stress are regulated in this way. Muscular tissues contracted due to stress relax. Decreased circulation increases and the disturbing effects of stress are eliminated.

Due to the effects of ozone and oxygen on secretion systems and its benefits on the brain, it is useful in eliminating complaints such as insomnia and depression and preventing their occurrence.

Treats Muscle Pain
Pain is mainly caused by the accumulation of some harmful toxins in the tissues, edema due to various causes, circulatory disorders and insufficiencies. With the help of heat, humidity and ozone oxygen, increased circulation, decreased edema and removal of toxins from the environment ensures that the feeling of pain disappears.
In particular, it reduces muscle pain by removing lactic acid formed in muscle tissues after sports, increases oxygenation and increases effort capacity.