Ozone therapy and Anti Aging Of course, there are many things to do against aging. Moving a lot, eating less and staying away from stress are the main ones. There is another very valuable method that stands against premature aging. Ozone therapy. The goal of this method is to preserve the energy of youth for many years, to stay vigorous and to create resistance to diseases.

Thanks to ozone therapy, oxygen is better utilized by tissues, cell regeneration increases, the immune system is strengthened and the body's antioxidant system is activated against free radicals that cause aging in the body. Having a strong antioxidant system is the most basic requirement for oxygen-dependent lives. Because everything we take in our body has a waste substance and these waste substances turn into substances that wear out and age our body, which we call free radicals.

Ozone therapy protects our cells and us from premature aging by both detoxifying and strengthening the antioxidant system. For this, it is essential to have oxygen molecules at the cell level. Cells and tissues that have not been sufficiently oxygenated for a long time in cases of smoking, not breathing correctly, old age and related arteriosclerosis can now perform their functions at a higher rate after ozone therapy.

People who receive ozone therapy in Antalya have a general state of well-being and feel renewed. Due to the positive effect of ozone therapy on cerebral blood circulation, there are rapid improvements in conditions such as decreased physical capacity, dizziness, chronic fatigue, memory weakness. With the effects of increased blood circulation and abundant oxygen in the skin, the skin is nourished from the inside and revitalized like the skin of a young person, the skin tension increases and the skin glows with health thanks to cell renewal. In addition to anti-aging effects, it is known that the quality of life increases in people who undergo ozone therapy.

Dr. Başar ŞENYÜZ