Have you ever seen toxins? I see them every day. If you want, you can see your own toxins with your own eyes. This is possible with a special headlamp infrared (the most beneficial heat source to the body) ozone sauna, which is currently not available anywhere else in Turkey. The feature of this sauna, infrared like infrared, ozone like ozone. Why am I saying this? I have examined dozens of ozone saunas in 6 years to this day, but there are problems in all of them in terms of effectiveness. Because the infrared in the saunas, which are said to be infrared, are extremely poor quality infrared, which we call rod infrared, and infrared, which is not far infrared, is simple and has little effect. As for the ozone in the sauna, it is said that ozone is given into it with tiny, hand-sized, simple devices that are said to produce ozone, and when you smell it, you cannot even smell that typical smell of ozone.

As for why I do not prefer steam ozone sauna; In steam saunas, you can never sweat as hard as in infrared, and since infrared vibrates water molecules and emits deep heat, toxin output is about 4 times more than steam saunas, and this happens at lower temperatures (below 50 degrees) than steam saunas. When I ask my friends who use ozone saunas whether they see toxins or not, they ask me "what is that like". I don't know whether to laugh or cry. We claim that we are doing the most effective detox in the world with the sauna we have. Because when you get up from the towel you sit on after each 30-minute session and look at the traces you leave on the towel, you can easily see the black tar-like stains and you are surprised. Some may think it is body dirt. What we say to them is that next time you go to the Turkish bath and have a scrub, you will see more of these (toxins).

Detox means removing toxins (toxic waste substances) from the body, and those who care about their health know how important this is. Those who do not know are learning from here right now. So why is it so important to eliminate toxins? Because these toxins are also free radicals. Free radicals are unwanted molecules that age our bodies and pave the way for diseases such as cancer. The job of our body's antioxidant system is to destroy these free radicals. But it is not that easy. Today is a world of toxic bombardment, with toxins in almost everything we eat, drink, and breathe. It is very difficult for our antioxidant system to cope with this excess of toxins. For example, you bought tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers from the market, made a salad and ate it and thought you were eating a healthy meal, right? You were wrong; is there any vegetable left today that does not contain hormones and pesticides? Wash it as much as you want, you cannot remove the hormones or pesticides and they enter the body as first-class toxins. The Americans have determined that every year we take up to 2 kilograms of pesticides into our bodies.

What happens when toxins enter the body? Those that cannot be eliminated by the antioxidant system gradually begin to accumulate in our body and enter the cell, turning the cell water into a toxic sludge. In this case, the cell cannot use the oxygen coming to it well and cannot produce enough energy (ATP) from the energy-producing organelle we call mitochondria, which returns to us as weakness and chronic fatigue. In addition, the destruction of our antioxidant system by toxins makes our cells and us age faster and earlier. It is very important for our cells to have plenty of oxygen and to be able to use it well for our overall health and for us to feel good and energized.

I could only explain the detox topic so briefly and succinctly. So is it only detox? Let's count what changes the far infrared ozone sauna also makes in the body.

  1. By reducing lactic acid, it provides muscle relaxation and body pain relief.
  2. It oxidizes toxins and allows them to be removed from the body.
  3. Destroys microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) in the cit.
  4. Strengthens the immune system.
  5. Relieves tension and anxiety by oxidizing adrenaline.
  6. During a 30 min. session, 400 calories in steamers and about 600 calories in far infrared (the energy spent by a person running 10 km) are burned. Thus, it helps to lose weight.
  7. You can say goodbye to at least 80% of your cellulite between 12-15 sessions without doing anything else.
  8. Provides young healthy, smooth and shiny-looking skin, eliminates skin blemishes.
  9. The person feels relaxed and relaxed in the first session. You feel lighter as if 10 kilos of weight has been lifted from your shoulders. After 10 sessions, you can clearly see the increase in energy level.

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