Ozone Therapy for Hernia and Low Back Pain

Back Hernia Treatment with Ozone Therapy

Lumbar hernia is a disease that has been encountered quite frequently in recent years and is seen at all ages and affects daily life quite negatively. Especially the pain in the waist and leg region affects the health and life of people negatively. However, thanks to the developing technology, there is a new treatment method every day. Ozone therapy is one of the methods used in the treatment of herniated disc. 

What is Ozone Therapy?

Not to mention the importance of oxygen, especially for humans. Oxygen, which is the most basic need of life, also plays a very important role in the treatment of diseases. Oxygen is known as O2, Ozone is the high energy carrying form of oxygen, known as 03. Ozone is a gas obtained from 99 oxygen.

Ozone has very strong oxidizing properties. Thanks to this feature, it removes toxins from the body and destroys harmful microorganisms.

It is used in the treatment of many diseases such as ozone therapy, herniated disc, healing of wounds, rheumatic diseases.

It also prevents cartilage and fluid loss seen in calcifications.

Is Ozone Therapy Good for Lumbar Hernia?

Lumbar hernia, is the main source of pain in the waist and leg region. In recent years, lumbar hernia, which has been seen at almost every age, affects daily life quite a lot. So, what is a herniated disc?

The lumbar part of the human spine consists of 5 vertebrae and discs. The lumbar region plays an important role in carrying the weight of the body. The function of the vertebrae in the spine is to wrap and protect the spinal cord. Between them is cartilage.

Lumbar hernia, is the compression of the nerves coming out of the spinal cord when the cartilages between the vertebrae are displaced, slipped or torn as a result of strain. Sometimes a hernia occurs as a result of damage and weakening of the ring on the outer part of the disc. There are reasons such as lifting heavy loads, accidents, old age, excessive weight, staying still for a long time, lifting loads from the ground with an incorrect position, excessive birth, falling.

The treatment of lumbar hernia, which is frequently seen today, is possible thanks to advancing technology. Although surgery was common in the treatment of herniated disc in the past, surgery is the last choice today.

One of the treatment methods that gives very successful results in the treatment of herniated disc is ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy, which we have heard frequently on television and social media in recent days, is used in many diseases that human health encounters. Weight loss, rejuvenation, cancer treatment are a few of them. However, the biggest effect of ozone therapy is that it is a pain reliever and cell regenerator. Thanks to these features, it is very effective in the treatment of lumbar hernia.

Pain and inflammation (inflammation, inflammation, inflammation) caused by herniated disc and neck hernia are relieved and treated by ozone..

How is Ozone Treatment Performed for Herniated Back?

The primary function of the discs between the vertebrae is to wrap the vertebrae and protect them from damage. A hernia occurs when the discs between the vertebrae are damaged for any reason. The jelly-like part inside the disc slides over the nerve tissue and puts pressure on it. As a result of this damage, swelling and water retention occur in the disc.

Herniated disc causes severe pain in the lower back and legs.

In ozone therapy, ozone is introduced into the disc. In this way, the disc that causes herniation by holding water and swelling as a result of the damage is repaired. Free oxygen radicals are prevented, mechanical swelling of the disc is reduced and reduced. Thus, the pain caused by the herniated disc is eliminated.

In addition, thanks to ozone therapy, blood cells are sent to the area with blood vessels and active oxygen flow is provided. In this way, the inflammation caused by the hernia is prevented and the damaged tissue is treated quickly.

How Many Sessions Does Ozone Therapy Take?

Ozone therapy with thin dental needles on both sides of the waist, known as discosan, can take 5-10 sessions.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy for Lumbar Hernia

The benefits of ozone therapy, which is a very simple procedure, for herniated disc are as follows;

  • The damaged disc with herniation shrinks thanks to ozone.
  • Thanks to ozone, back and leg pains caused by herniated disc disappear.
  • Inflammation in the herniated disc is prevented and quickly repaired.