What is PRP?

PRP, taken from the initials of the words Platelet Rich Plasma; Today, it is one of the best points reached in cellular therapy from skin rejuvenation methods. Platelett means platelet; platelets are cells that exist in our blood. Their number is about 300 000 on average and their lifespan is 4 days. These cells with a diameter of 2-4 mm fulfill the coagulation or fluidity properties of the blood and the cleaning of the wound site in the healing of wounds. In addition, growth factors released from platelets activate the repair mechanism of the cells and ensure the healing of wounds.

Anti-aging and PRP relationship

Stimulating the skin with lights, lasers or chemical peels is actually to trigger skin repair and rejuvenation with limited damage. In short, stimulating the skin by pretending to cause very slight damage to the skin; activating the wound healing mechanism is actually a trigger to rejuvenate the skin. Because the cells are activated after the stimulation; production starts as if imitating wound healing, collagen and elastic fibers are produced, circulation increases, the stimulated area of the tissue is cleaned and purified; therefore, the color lightens, the vessels heal, and the health of the skin is restored in a better way than before. If the skin is not stimulated, it ages; it is almost my slogan, but what I want to emphasize here is that by stimulating the skin using the right methods suitable for the skin, whether mechanical or chemical, with or without needles, we can turn back the years and do anti-aging.

How effective is PRP alone, what are the results and how long does it last?

What is meant by cellular therapy is to stimulate the work of cells and give them the materials they need. Since this method provides an environment for growth factors that trigger the cells to work, it has a permanent place in anti-aging treatment. The adequacy of PRP treatment alone will depend on the age and experience of the person and the visible and analyzed results of the skin. It is beneficial even if the skin is sun-damaged and sagging, it can also be done if it only looks lifeless and pale.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

Since this treatment is autologous, that is, related to the reintroduction of the person's own cells, there is no harm, it can be applied; however, in terms of expectations, it is appropriate for the practitioner to support the patient with the right treatments if necessary.

Is it possible to create the same effect in every age group and skin type?
The results of PRP treatment are related to the person's age, the way they protect their skin from the sun, whether they smoke or not, stress, nutrition and sleep. This is true for every treatment; the human being is a living mechanism composed of cells. Triggered cells begin to reflect the tightening effects of the collagen and elastic fibers they produce to the skin within 2-3 weeks, and the moisturizing effect on the skin can be noticed earlier.

Which aging problems can be solved in particular?
It can solve the problem of inhomogeneous color in the skin affected by the sun, as well as increase the defense of the skin and can be good for problems related to dryness or damage or skin eczema. Any skin over 30 years of age can be applied to restore health.