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Today, we live in a world of toxic bombardment. We increase our accumulation of toxins through smoking, stress, sedentary life, unhealthy diet. There are plenty of toxins in almost everything we eat and drink and in the air we breathe. We take them in somehow and although we can eliminate some of them through our antioxidant system, a significant portion of them are still stored in our cells, turning the intracellular fluid into a toxic sludge. This leads to the cell not being able to make good use of the incoming oxygen, thus not producing enough energy and premature aging of our cells. We, who take our car for maintenance once or twice a year, unfortunately do not show the same care for our own body and we continue to use it poorly.

This is where ozone therapy comes into play and offers a care treatment for your body. Thanks to ozone therapy, oxygen is better utilized by tissues, cell regeneration increases, the body's antioxidant system is activated against free radicals that cause aging in the body. Intracellular toxins are purified and the cell increases energy production by using oxygen more effectively. In this way, we can cope with the problems of our age such as premature aging, chronic fatigue, decreased joy of life and desire to work.

With ozone therapy, you start to feel more energetic and alive. Your sleep quality improves and as a result, you wake up vigorously in the morning and do not feel tired even if you run until the evening. As your immune system strengthens, you gain resistance to diseases, your stress decreases, your memory strengthens, body aches disappear and sexual dysfunctions improve. It is also possible to look healthier and a few years younger with the positive effects of ozone therapy on the skin, which has an important place in anti-aging applications.

Wishing you healthy days.