Staying Always Young

The basic rules of general health and staying young are to eat less and move more. Eat slowly and leave the table when you feel full, and walk everywhere that is not far away. If we follow these two very simple rules, you will not be one of those people in their 50s and 60s who have diseases everywhere. Unfortunately, especially in our nation, there are many diseases. Why; because we love to eat too much and let the movement stay away from us, right?

However, I was surprised and embarrassed by what I saw in other countries; absolutely everyone is doing sports. Or haven't you seen the 80 and 90-year-old tourist uncles and aunts? It takes courage to travel at that age; they skip between the stones in historical places. Because they know what they need to do to protect their health and they actually do it. We know it too, but do we apply it? Very few of us. Anyway, let me tell you; whoever listens, listens, and whoever doesn't listen will travel from doctor to doctor when the time comes.

Do you know what the first rule of anti-aging in the world is? Calorie restriction is a way of life called "Calorie restriction" that prevents the intake of excess calories into the body. This is because too much food entering the body unnecessarily exhausts our antioxidant system, which protects our cells from damage and keeps us young, and leads to the accumulation of more toxins in the body, which causes us to age faster.

After the above, ozone therapy comes into play in the third place and offers a treatment opportunity for your body. It undertakes the care you cannot do for you. Thanks to ozone therapy, oxygen is better utilized by tissues, cell regeneration increases, the body's antioxidant system is activated against free radicals that cause aging in the body. Intracellular toxins are purified, and the cell increases energy production by using oxygen more effectively. In this way, we can cope with the problems of our age such as premature aging, chronic fatigue, decreased joy of life, and the desire to work.

With ozone therapy, you start to feel more energetic and alive. Your sleep quality improves and as a result, you wake up vigorously in the morning and do not feel tired even if you run until the evening.

Since your immune system is strengthened, you gain resistance to diseases, your stress decreases, your memory is strengthened, body aches disappear, and sexual dysfunctions are corrected. It is also possible to look healthier and a few years younger with the positive effects of ozone therapy on the skin, which has an important place in anti-aging applications.

Ozone therapy is an excellent anti-aging method, but it is also very effective in the treatment of diseases. Ozone therapy is not an alternative treatment, it is intertwined with modern medicine, it has the same foundations and its therapeutic efficacy provides benefits far above classical drug treatments in some diseases. It is especially effective in the treatment of patients who have not found benefit with chronic or classical drug treatments. Moreover, considering that most of the drugs have serious side effects, the superiority of ozone therapy can be better understood.

After wandering around a lot of doctors, most of those who accidentally hear and receive treatment may be surprised by the rapid recovery of their disease, which they thought would not heal, because ozone therapy eliminates the factors that cause disease by providing the balance that is disturbed at the cellular level and treats many diseases at the same time.

Of course, a therapeutic tool with these features is also ultrapreventive (highly effective disease prevention). When I first encountered ozone therapy, I was surprised how we, as a doctor, were not aware of such an important therapeutic tool, given the versatility of its healing effects. Moreover, when ozone was used by the right people, the side effect rate was zero.

Fortunately, in recent years, with the intensive clinical researches all over the world, ozone, whose mechanisms of action are more understood, has started to take more place in medical service. The more we researched, the more it turned out that it could be used successfully in many diseases. Ozone therapy today, as the main treatment is used as an adjunct to other treatments, as well as used in nearly 300 diseases. But our doctors sometimes seriously mislead patients' relatives that this treatment will not work and they can deprive some patients of such a treatment. Because unfortunately, our doctors do not read and research. As if they are wearing blinders, they do not pay attention to what is happening around them.

If a doctor gives you negative information about this treatment, you should ask him/her: "Doctor, have you researched this subject and are you saying this, or are you telling me your own prejudices without any knowledge?". A doctor who can talk like this definitely has no knowledge about this subject. Because a doctor who researches cannot speak this way.

It may be normal to be a little skeptical about the breadth of the effects of ozone therapy. When I first read them, I wondered if it was really as effective as it was said, but as a doctor who has been dealing with this business for 6 years, I can definitely say that this treatment is far superior to drug treatments because I see all the effects that are said in patients and healthy people every day.

In fact, it is the only treatment for issues such as chronic fatigue where no medication can be successful. In the near future, as more doctors and patients are informed about this issue and understand its value, we will start to hear and use ozone more and more. For those who always want to stay young and healthy, ozone therapy is like a loyal spouse, always with you in sickness and health.