What is Ozone Therapy, In Which Diseases Is It Applied?

What is ozone?

Ozone consists of a combination of non-toxic and vital oxygen molecules. Also, as we all know The ozone layer, as a protective shield around the Earth, is vital for our planet and protects living things from the sun's radioactive effects.

How is medical ozone obtained?

With the help of a high-tech device called an ozone generator, the O2 molecule is broken down and one of the atoms obtained is combined with another O2 molecule to form an O3 molecule. This is also called medical ozone.

Medical ozone, consisting of pure oxygen, is a natural disinfectant containing active oxygen molecules.

What is ozonotherapy?

The application of ozone (medical ozone) in medicine is called ozonotherapy. Ozone therapy offers a wide range of health benefits. In addition to relaxation and detoxification, it also provides stimulation of the immune system and increased blood circulation.
Ozone therapy is also widely applied in supportive treatments for the elimination of health disorders where these effects will benefit.

How is the Effect Mechanism?

Our body is a perfect oxidative system. This oxidative system converts the energy we get with food from the outside into the energy model that our cells can use; converts it to ATP. By burning ATPs, the functions of our body that need energy are fulfilled. The metabolites resulting from the use of this energy are called "Free Oxygen Radicals (SOR)". “SOR” are harmful products for our cells and they cause aging of our body, starting from the cells. Since our body is a perfect mechanism, it also contains ways to protect itself from them. The ways to protect from these SORs are called "Antioxidant Systems".

The basic mechanism of action of ozonotherapy is the stimulation of these "Antioxidant Systems". With the mixing of ozone gas into the blood, a message is sent to all antioxidant systems and antioxidant systems begin to work actively. With the activation of antioxidant systems, free oxygen radicals (SOR) accumulated in the environment are rapidly bound and rendered harmless. Thus, after the application of ozonotherapy, our body becomes more fit and energetic.

What are the positive effects?

The following are the main beneficial developments achieved as a result of the effects of ozone on the human body:

Feeling good: The common expressions of people who receive ozone therapy are that they feel very good, fit and healthy.

Strengthening the immune system: It ensures that people who have various diseases can easily get rid of these diseases, as well as prevent them from getting such diseases again. It has a very strong protective effect, especially on people who are affected by seasonal flu and other flu epidemics and are in the risk group.

Increase of blood circulation: By accelerating the expansion of the vessels on the one hand and the production of blood cells on the other, sufficient blood is supplied to the parts of the body with insufficient blood supply. In this way, it helps in the treatment of various vascular diseases.

Increase of blood circulation: By accelerating the expansion of the vessels on the one hand and the production of blood cells on the other, sufficient blood is supplied to the parts of the body with insufficient blood supply. In this way, it helps in the treatment of various vascular diseases.

Detox effect: By removing harmful substances produced in the human body, it is protected from possible harm. Ozone therapy, which is accepted as washing the blood in German scientific circles, creates a real detox effect.

Antimicrobial effect: It provides disinfection of various disease agents such as all known viruses, bacteria and fungi. In this way, it is possible to treat diseases that cannot be treated with antibiotics or that are very difficult to treat.

Pain reliever: In addition to eliminating the cause of pain, it ensures that the feeling of pain disappears in a short time by removing the chemical components that cause the pain to be felt.

Anticarcinogenic effect: In general, cancer cells are formed and multiply in an oxygen-free environment. Carcinogenic cells in tissues that receive high oxygen through ozone lose their ability to reproduce. There are many scientific publications, especially on reducing the incidence of cancer..

Increasing the quality of life: In addition to all the benefits it provides, it increases the values called quality of life by reducing or eliminating the physical and mental problems of people. Ozone therapy, which positively affects every moment and aspect of life, from increasing sleep quality to increasing mental and physical performance, brings us back our joy of life.

Areas Where Medical Ozone is Used

1. Rheumatic diseases (Ankylosing spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment)
2. Hepatitis (Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C treatment)
3. Treatment of joint calcifications (arthroses, decrease in joint fluid, injection into the joint))
4. Treatment of bone resorption (Osteoporosis)
5. Treatment of chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia (Intramuscular injections)
6. Post-stroke neurological conditions
7. Treatment of muscle and joint pain (lumbar hernia, injection into the disc)
8. Treatment of dizziness and tinnitus
9. Treatment of migraine and headaches
10. In the treatment of degenerative nervous system diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's
11. In the treatment of hypertension and heart diseases
12. In the treatment of type 2 diabetes
13. Increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy in cancer treatment and reducing side effects
14. In chronic bowel diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease
15. Treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcer
16. Treatment of non-healing wounds, diabetic foot wounds, burns
17. In vascular diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, venous insufficiency and wounds
18. Treatment of Burger's disease
19. Treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases
20. Treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, lichen planus, scleroderma, fungal diseases and acne
21. Treatment of allergic diseases such as allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis
22. Anti-aging (delaying aging)
23. Detox (removal of toxins from the body)
24. Age-related vision problems (Macular degeneration)

What is the importance of ozonotherapy for cancer?

Nobel Prize-winning German scientist, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, in his award-winning work, argued that "the main cause of cancer progression is low oxygen levels in cells." Today, ozonotherapy has a successful support and preventive importance in cancer treatments. In addition, ozonotherapy prevents the development of tumor cells, strengthens the immune system and protects it from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

How much effective is Ozonetherapy in removing cellulite?

In the treatment of cellulite, medical ozone is given to the epidermis layer of the skin, increasing the oxygen rate in the regional cells. Thus, the dissolution of fats and an increase in tissue blood circulation occur. As a result, a smoother, more lively, thinned and tightened appearance is provided instead of cellulite on the skin.

Why do healthy people have ozone therapy?

One of the secrets of long life is preventive treatments. Ozonetherapy's application areas are quite common due to its healing properties, and it plays an important role in protection and strengthening applications, especially in epidemic diseases. Ozonetherapy ensures the removal of harmful fats, fatty acids, metabolic elements and toxic substances for our health from the body and thus protects our cardiovascular system. It prevents excessive lubrication. It is a known fact that accumulated toxins accelerate aging by destroying healthy cells. For this reason, it is important for healthy people to receive regular ozonotherapy under the supervision of a doctor in terms of strengthening the immune system, anti-aging and detox effect.

Does Ozonetherapy provide support during stress and intelligence activities?

Professionals, businessmen, artists, and students who work with brain power and are in a stressful business world, and students who are constantly running from exam to exam, need plenty of oxygen for strong brain activities. On the other hand, time constraints and living conditions often cause them to be exposed to toxic substances. Ozonetherapy provides important supports in terms of brain power and it is important to be protective during stress periods.

How is ozonotherapy applied in infectious gynecological diseases?

Medical ozone also has an anti-infective effect in health applications. Medical ozone, which is given with the help of a catheter placed in the vagina, destroys fungal or other infections in this region, especially if there are any. In addition, the therapeutic effects of medical ozone are important in tuberculosis, uterine, cervix and egg cysts and cervix wounds.

What is the effect of ozonotherapy on the immune system?

Medical ozone mixed with the blood stimulates the production of white blood cells. To put it simply, white blood cells are responsible for the body's defense against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even cancer cells that threaten our health.

What are the application methods of Medical Ozone?

Major ozonotherapy – Autohemotherapy

Minor ozonotherapy – Autohemotherapy

Rectal, vaginal, ear and nasal insufflation application

Bagging or Cupping applications,

Injections into the muscle, under the skin, into the skin lesion or into the joint

What are the inconveniences of using ozonotherapy?
Application to people who have recently had a heart attack,

Applying to those who drink excessively,

Bleeding - coagulation disorders,

Application to those with advanced anemia problems,

Application to patients with chronic and recurrent pancreatitis,

Application to those with hyperthyroidism