PRP is a treatment method obtained from cells in the blood, that is, it is a treatment that is formed with cells taken from the person's own blood. In this sense, PRP is a personalized treatment, blood is taken from the person for treatment with PRP with tubes measured approximately 8-10 cc. White and red cells are separated from the blood sample for PRP and processed in specially designed kits. Platelets in the blood are multiplied by this method and constitute the basic substance for treatment.

PRP Usage Areas

PRP application is mostly used in hair treatment and aesthetics. It is also used in orthopedics, wound treatment, skin renewal and spot treatments. Since PRP consists of cells, new cells provide regeneration and revitalization in the area used for treatment. For this reason, its usage area is gradually increasing. When used in hair treatment, it is injected into the scalp to revitalize the skin, thus replacing the hair loss and revitalizing dead hair cells. When PRP is used for aesthetic purposes, it is applied for skin renewal such as skin blemishes, skin pallor and color loss, especially in advanced ages. Since PRP liquid is applied by injection method, it regenerates the cells by giving vitality to all the cells it reaches. For this reason, PRP is a treatment applied in wrinkle removal. Thanks to PRP applied for wrinkle removal, skin revitalization occurs, and in this case, it is observed that wrinkles are reduced to a certain extent. PRP is not a stem cell treatment, it is an application obtained from cells and is a treatment that provides regeneration and revitalization.

PRP is not a permanent treatment method. It provides permanence for about 10-12 months, but it is not a completely permanent method. The regeneration and revitalization in the application area can return to its old state after a certain period of time. For this reason, it should be repeated at certain intervals. Permanence can be achieved in approximately 10 sessions.

For your hair and skin treatment, you can choose PRP application, which is the continuation of mesotherapy. You can feel both happy and healthy with the renewal and revitalization of your skin.