Effects of Ozone

Ozone has many biological properties that are not found in oxygen. In addition to the oxygenation it creates in the body, it destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi thanks to its strong disinfectant feature. It activates the immune system extremely effectively, provides energy and vitality by increasing cell metabolism, and produces anti-cancer substances from white blood cells. It increases the production of blood, decreases the density of the blood, increases blood circulation, triggers the formation of new vessels, reduces lipids and sugar in the blood, and increases the flexibility and oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, allowing them to easily pass through even the thinnest veins and reach the cells.

It neutralizes free radicals, which are responsible for aging and the malfunctioning of many functions in the body, by increasing the body's antioxidant capacity. Therefore, ozone therapy is very effective in the prevention and treatment of more than 100 diseases by solving the problem of insufficient oxygenation, free radicals and weak defense system, which is the root of many diseases.