Time creates irresistible changes in people. Aging is noticed by the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Over the years, the face and lips begin to lose their former fullness and vitality. Wrinkles appear around the lips and eyes; It becomes impossible to hide them while talking or laughing. The vertical lines extending from the sides of the nose to the mouth become deeper and deeper. Vertical lines form between the eyebrows and a series of horizontal lines on the forehead.

Today, the injection of fillers (collagen, silicone, self-oil, hyaluronic acid injection, etc.) has an important place in cosmetic dermatology in order to reduce facial lines, wrinkles and folds.

One of the effective ways to have younger, fresher and flawless skin is filler applications. Filling material injection changes the expression of the face with small touches, without staying away from work and social life, without paying high costs, and without requiring much care after the application, it gives results as soon as the procedure is done, and the change can be recognized immediately when looking in the mirror.

Filling applications create miraculous results in certain areas of the face:

1- Elimination or lightening of lines on the face
a) Deep smile lines on the sides of the nose
b) Vertical lines around the lips (cigarette lines)
c) Sadness lines appearing in the corners of the mouth
d) Vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead that create a frowning and worried face.
e) Crow's feet lines around the eyes

2- Clarification of cheekbones, cheeks and chin
3- Correcting the shape of the lips and making them appear fuller
4- Correction of sunken acne and other scars
5- Facial shaping and correction of errors.

Under Detention Light Filler
Under-eye cavities can be removed with a hyaluronic acid application. This application is called Antalya detention light filling. Filling material containing protein, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants is applied. With light filling, bruises under the eyes, grooves and collapses between the cheek and under the eyes, bags on the lower eyelid are treated.

Cheek filler
As people age, a pit extending from the edge of the nose to the edge of the lip occurs due to the lowering of the cheek due to the effect of gravity. This pit is called the nasolabial pit. This nasolabial line is reduced by first filling the patient with Antalya cheek, and then the desired result is obtained by applying a nasolabial filling to this area.

Lip filler
Considering the symmetry between the lips, Antalya lip augmentation is applied to plump and shape the lips and to highlight the lip contour. It takes about 15-20 minutes. With the application, lips that look fuller and lively, shiny and moist towards the middle are obtained.

Before the Antalya filling is done, the patient is prevented from feeling pain by injecting drugs into the needle entry points. After the procedure, ice is applied to prevent swelling and bruising. The patient is called for retouching 15 days after the procedure, and corrections are made if necessary. Various fillers are available. While the effect of the applied filler remains for a long time, this period can be up to 1-1.5 years.

Chin Filling
One of the most preferred methods by people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their chin and do not want a surgical procedure is chin filling. Chin filling is an aesthetic procedure that does not require surgery. This process, it is aimed to add a proportional appearance to the face and to maximize the satisfaction of the person.