Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy

The fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment is without a doubt the most successful method for face rejuvenation. I constantly strive to have the most efficient procedures and equipment in my clinic. The cosmetic initiative that women most frequently request is facial rejuvenation. I discovered that the fractional carbon dioxide laser application is by far a far more effective and comprehensive answer than other applications when investigating various technologies that may be further advanced in facial rejuvenation. With this procedure, it is undoubtedly feasible to look 10, or even 15, years younger. These days, the majority of plastic surgeons use rejuvenation techniques more frequently than blade-based procedures.  They are applications that are both safer and more economical and offer more than the aesthetic operation promises. Fractional carbon dioxide lasers are the most effective solution that can correct various spots, light and heavy wrinkles, very porous and rough skin structure, various surface defects, acne scars and scars, under-eye bags and bruises, and sagging with their skin tightening properties. It offers you a shiny new skin that is made up of new cells and has left all its problems behind. It is also more effective on body cracks than other methods.

Mixto Pro Fractional CO2 laser therapy
under-eye bags and bruises
décolleté area
It can be applied to any area with cracks and cracks.


Naturally, Antalya laser application is a burning treatment. In this application, a controlled skin surface burn is created by us. When we say burn, it is not a burn as you know. Fractional means piecemeal. The amount of burn applied to your skin is applied both superficially and at a rate of 5%, 10% or 20%. This means that the burned areas will heal very quickly and without any problems by the tissues that remain intact. At the end of the 5-6 day recovery period, when the peeling of the upper skin layer is completed, you will encounter a skin that is free from the problems in the upper skin, as we have just mentioned. It is interesting that it does not stop there, and for about 3 months, your skin continues to produce more collagen as a result of the heat given to the substrate. This makes your skin look more tense, lively and youthful.


Of course, what people want and how much is important. We identify them in our meetings. Most of the time, a single application is sufficient in 80% of people. All the mentioned problems are solved in a single session. Only deep acne scars, heavy wrinkles, scars, some stubborn spots and deep cracks may require 1-2 more sessions. If the second session will be applied, the intervals are 1.5 months.


The application takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Because the treatment is so painless, no anesthetic cream or cold application is necessary before it. After the application is finished, the face experiences a small burning or heating sensation that lasts for around an hour. From this point on, you won't experience any unpleasant issues for the following 5–6 days. You begin applying the moisturizing creams your doctor advised 4-5 times per day. The growth of collagen and increased blood circulation cause redness to be seen. On the first day, this redness will progressively go away. There might be a slight degree of swelling, and it might last for up to 24 hours.

1st and 2nd days; The needle tip pattern originating from the points where the laser shoots starts to disappear and the skin takes on a bronze appearance.

3rd and 4th days; the top layer of the skin begins to peel off with normal washing. A renewed skin begins to emerge with a more uniform color and texture. These days, if you wish, foundation or any kind of make-up application can be used.

5th and 6th days; mostly peeling and healing is complete. With the production of new collagen, you will see that fine fractures and unwanted lines are decreasing day by day. During this period, you should strictly avoid exposure to the sun. After the end of full recovery, it is also beneficial to use a sunscreen with at least 30 factor when going out in the sun.

Mixto Pro frock. For about 2 years after Co2 laser treatment, its effects will continue on your face. The device used is important. Mixto Pro is a laser with important technological differences that can do in a single session what other devices can do in 3 sessions. In this way, it has much more striking results than the applications made with fractional CO2 devices of many other brands.