Lumbar and Cervical Hernias

In cases of osteoarthritis where bone deformation has not occurred, ozone injections into the joint can create an air cushion within the joint and reduce joint swelling, thereby alleviating pain. Additionally, it facilitates the repair of cartilage tissue. In diseases arising from immune system deviations, such as rheumatoid arthritis, combining ozone therapy with other medical treatments has been observed to lead to dramatic improvements by regulating the immune system. Ozone is also a successful treatment method for fibromyalgia, a widespread condition characterized by intense muscle pain, fatigue, and sleep disorders, when combined with other therapies.

Moreover, ozone therapy has highly beneficial effects on herniated discs in the lumbar and cervical regions. Intradiscal nucleolysis (dissolving herniated material to eliminate pressure on the nerve) has introduced a new and successful approach to back surgeries.

The application of intramuscular ozone to the paravertebral muscles around the herniated disc is a simple yet effective method that can be applied in a clinical setting. With this method, it is possible to relieve herniated disc symptoms within a few sessions conducted at one-day intervals (sometimes achieving an 80% improvement in symptoms in a single session) without the need for surgery, physical therapy, or medications. Before resorting to other methods, we strongly recommend trying paravertebral ozone application, which has no side effects and provides a quick solution.