Masseter Botox

What is Masseter Botox?

There are two fundamental muscles that help close our lower jaw, also known as the mandible. One is the temporal muscle in the temple area, which is situated under our palms when we hold our heads between our hands. The other is the masseter muscle connected to the angle of the jaw. Both muscles, especially the robust masseter muscle, have a strong impact on the jaw joint. Sometimes, the masseter muscle becomes strengthened due to anatomical features (hereditary characteristics) or excessive chewing of gum, which involves frequent use of this muscle. Strengthening of this muscle can also occur excessively due to stress, often accompanying night teeth clenching and grinding. The muscle may develop and increase in volume. The strengthening of the masseter muscle puts pressure on the cartilage in the jaw joint. This cartilage is similar to the meniscus in our knee and wears out under pressure, leading to jaw joint pain. If the strengthening of the masseter muscle begins in early stages, it can even pull the attached corner of the jaw outward, increasing the width of the jawbone (mandible). The lateral growth of the mandible means the expansion of the lower part of our face.

In summary, the masseter muscle is functionally related to the jaw joint and visually associated with the broad appearance of the lower segment of our face. So, is it possible to stop this muscle? Is it possible to reverse these negative effects?

Masseter Botox in Antalya
Discovered in the 1980s, botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, was later used for therapeutic purposes in cases of spastic paralysis. Therefore, it is a molecule we are closely acquainted with in terms of muscle strength control. Botox applied to the masseter muscle causes softening of the muscles within a week. This promises you peaceful and comfortable sleep. By the sixth week of the application, there is a noticeable thinning of this muscle's volume. This thinning is directly reflected as a reduction in the lower half of our face. The duration of effectiveness is, again, in the average range of 3-5 months, as in classic Botox information. Of course, when the effect wears off, the feeling of tension comes first, and it may take four to six weeks for the muscle to regain volume.

The masseter muscle and the mandible (jawbone) it expands outwardly can also be weakened surgically. However, testing and verifying the expected results before surgery with a safe and reversible method like Botox is also an advantage.

Antalya masseter Botox, jaw Botox, or facial slimming Botox, as it is also known, can be performed in as little as five minutes, and you can return to your daily life immediately. Patient control is usually appropriate on the 10th day and the sixth week.