Mesotherapy Applications

The Mesotherapy method, which is applied by approximately 15 000 doctors in France, is also frequently applied in Turkey. For the first time, the application of mesotherapy was aimed by Dr. Pistor to give a small amount of medication directly to the problem areas and to improve it. In mesotherapy, giving the drug only to the problem area increases the effectiveness and minimizes the side effects.

It is the condition of giving drugs into the skin by micro-injection of diseases or areas of pain in the body. It is applied into the skin with the help of an injector with a very fine needle and directly targets the problematic area. In general, oral medications cannot target partial areas, but since mesotherapy is applied directly to the problematic area, side effects do not occur.

Most patients do not complain of pain or pain. The mesotherapy needle used is very thin, about the thickness of a hair. For this reason, some patients may experience little or no pain during mesotherapy. An anesthetic cream can be applied to the application area half an hour before the procedure for patients who feel discomfort during mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy has no serious side effects. Slight redness may occur at the needle sites. However, in order for these side effects to be less, the person applying mesotherapy should be an expert. Therefore, mesotherapy creates almost no side effects when applied by a specialist physician. If small swellings and bruises occur from the skin tissue, these side effects will improve after 1-2 days.

Mesolifting (Facial Mesotherapy)
The first signs of aging of the facial skin appear with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Genetic and environmental factors and living conditions affect the aging process. Aging cannot be prevented, but its effects on the skin can be reduced and delayed. Although there are many methods that can reduce the effects of aging, facial mesotherapy is the most natural and easiest. With mesolifting, applications that retard aging and remove clear lines with fillers can be done.

Antalya mesolifting, which can be applied on the face, neck, décolleté and hands, gives clearer and more pronounced results in people who are over middle-aged, have worn skin, eat irregularly, have dry skin or have problems such as sagging skin.

Regular use of Antalya facial mesotherapy to younger and more weathered skin ensures that the skin stays as healthy, vibrant, and youthful as possible.
It is administered by injecting a combination of medications under the skin, including vitamins, proteins, cell regenerators, and circulation regulators. It takes around 20 minutes to inject the mixture under the skin with the help of a very thin injector.

With Antalya facial mesotherapy to be performed regularly on younger and worn skin, it is ensured that the skin remains healthy, vibrant and as young as possible.
It is applied with a mixture of drugs such as vitamins, proteins, cell regenerators and circulation regulators to be injected under the skin. Thanks to a very thin injector, the mixture is injected under the skin, taking an average of 20 minutes.

With applications between 3 and 6 sessions, recovery and revitalization of the skin is ensured. Afterward, daily life can be continued easily, even make-up can be applied to remove the slight redness on the face. Due to environmental and genetic factors, almost everyone experiences negative trends related to hair health, even if it is periodic. Mesotherapy is one of the most used clinical applications for problems such as hair weakness, loss of vitality, shedding, and breakage.

Disturbances in blood circulation cause the scalp to not receive oxygen, vitamins and organic nutrients that nourish and regenerate the scalp. Thus, problems such as lifelessness, weakness or loss of hair arise.

Hair Mesotherapy
Antalya hair mesotherapy is applied to the hair follicles with this method, thanks to which the entire hair area is combed and the roots are reached. In this way, the doctor determines the depth at which he wants to enter the hair root, the amount of medication he wants to inject, and the maximum benefit is achieved for the patient.

Although the application of mesotherapy varies according to the person, it is generally applied as seasonal transition mesotherapy once a week in the first month and once every 3 months in the following period, that is, 4 times a year.
Hair mesotherapy is not a method used as an October alternative to hair transplantation. It is applied in order to make the existing weakened hair that is about to lose healthily and to ensure that they hold on to its roots. Hair health is supported by accelerating blood circulation and nourishing the roots.

The Way of Applying Hair Mesotherapy
A total of 8 sessions, including 4 sessions once a week, followed by 4 more sessions once every two weeks, the goal of maintenance, that is, preventive treatments, is to maintain the positive effect achieved with Offensive Therapy. Naturally, in order for Preventive treatment to be preferred, active hair loss must have stopped.

Slimming and Regional Thinning with Mesotherapy
It is a saving solution for those who complain of extra pounds or regional fatness. The reason is that it is a very successful application that is painless, lasts for a short time and can be returned to normal life immediately. Mesotherapy, which can be applied to the legs, arms, and abdominal region, provides a short and practical way to get rid of difficult pounds.

In this method, which is also known as field therapy, it is applied regionally in small doses. Thanks to the fine-tipped injections, the capillary vessel ends in the middle layer of the skin are reached and the circulation there is accelerated.
Fat cells collected in a certain area have lost their properties, they become tissues that collect water and harden inside. Because fat-dissolving, circulation-regulating mixtures are injected in the regional thinning application with mesotherapy, the fat cells whose structure is impaired are broken down and they relieve the region because they regulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system is revived. In this way, fat cells get rid of the place where they are stuck and gradually thinning is achieved.

This application, which usually lasts between 8-12 sessions, lasts an average of 30 minutes and aims to Decimate 1 or 2 sizes within a 1-month period. Do not take a shower or enter the sea or pool for 12 hours after the application of regional thinning with mesotherapy.

Cellulite Treatment With Mesotherapy
Cellulite is a problem caused by hormonal and circulatory disorders, it is not a disease. It occurs in different parts of women's bodies and affects the image aesthetically. The hip area, legs and buttocks are the most visible places. It is the formation of round fat deposits due to some changes in adipose tissue cells.

Cellulite in women is a problem caused by the fact that the skin retains more water than in men, the skin structure is more delicate and thin. It can also be seen in weak people. Genetic factors are also important factor in the formation of cellulite. Cellulite also has a development process. If the condition is intervened early, it can be controlled and the skin can be easily smoothed as before.

One of the most effective treatments for cellulite is mesotherapy.

With cellulite mesotherapy, drugs are injected into the middle layer of the skin. Thanks to the very thin-tipped needles, drugs without side effects are sent to the target area. Thanks to the capillaries, these drugs have a direct effect on the cellulite area. Thanks to this, it solves the edema formed in the tissues, prevents blood collections, regulates impaired lymph and blood circulation. Cells are stimulated to burn and break down fats. Thanks to the increase in blood circulation, fat residues are also easily excreted. It is a method that must be applied by a doctor.Cellulite mesotherapy lasts an average of 20-30 minutes, and the expected effect is taken at December intervals of 10-15 sessions. After that, applying it 1 or 2 times within 1 year is sufficient for the protection phase of the treatment. There is no effect that affects a person's daily life.

If the patient who underwent cellulite mesotherapy continues his old eating habits and neglects to exercise, there is a risk that cellulite will occur again.