Ozone Therapy Application Methods

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH)

The term translates to "Big blood treatment." This is the primary application where 150-200 cc of blood is drawn, mixed with an equal amount of ozone-oxygen gas, and the dark-colored blood taken from you turns into a bright red hue. A single needle is used, and the collected blood is returned to the same location. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes.

Minor Autohemotherapy (MiAH)

Means "Small blood treatment." About 5-10 cc of blood is drawn from a vein, mixed with ozone-oxygen gas in the same syringe, and then injected into the muscle, either in the hip or shoulder.

Rectal, Vaginal, Bladder, Ear Insufflation

This involves administering ozone gas into body cavities and is commonly used for various organ-related issues.

Intra-Articular Applications

Ozone gas is injected into large joints such as the knee or shoulder and other small joints. This easy application quickly alleviates joint damage and pain due to the reparative and healing properties of ozone gas.

Paravertebral Application

Used in cases of lumbar and cervical disc herniation, ozone gas (3-5 cc) is injected into the muscles on both sides of the spine where the herniation is located. This is a highly safe and often immediately relieving treatment.


For conditions such as wounds, burns, eczema, fungal infections, etc., the affected limb is placed in a bag, allowing direct contact with ozone gas. This method is particularly effective in cleansing wounds of infections and promoting rapid healing.

Subcutaneous Ozone Gas Application

Used for certain skin conditions and cosmetic procedures such as removing blemishes and rejuvenating the skin. It is also applied just beneath the skin for conditions like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. The treatment resolves problems typically requiring weeks of conventional therapy in a very short time (often in one session).

Ozonated Water and Ozonated Oil Method

Ozonated water is prepared by passing ozone-oxygen gas through distilled water for 20 minutes, and it is consumed. It is highly effective in the quick recovery of issues like reflux, gastritis, ulcers, and H. pylori problems, surpassing the effectiveness of medication in such cases.

Ozonated oil, especially in open wounds and burns, eliminates surface infections and accelerates wound healing 2-3 times faster. It is effective for various skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, psoriasis lesions, diaper rash, and serves as a cosmetic agent for removing spots, reducing wrinkles, and revitalizing the skin.

Ozon Gas Inhalation

Ozone gas cannot be directly inhaled as it may be harmful to the lungs. However, inhaling Ozol gas, created by passing ozone gas through olive oil, has effects similar to ozone gas and can be comfortably breathed. It is effective for chronic lung problems, infections, and upper respiratory tract issues.

Ozone Sauna Method

The ozone sauna method is explained separately in another subsection under the same main heading.

Note: All ozone application methods are implemented in our clinic, and none of these methods have any side effects.