Ozone Therapy       

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a scientific treatment method in which ozone gas obtained from pure oxygen is mixed with the patient's own blood or serum, or administered in a gaseous form to various areas of the body.

How Does Ozone Work?

Ozone therapy exhibits its therapeutic effects by stimulating the antioxidant system, regulating blood circulation, and activating the immune system.
It is effective in treating disorders related to circulation and revitalizing organ functions due to its ability to increase blood circulation.
Ozone therapy enhances the body's own antioxidants and activates enzymes that eliminate free radicals, explaining its effectiveness in chronic inflammatory diseases. Therefore, the range of diseases treatable with ozone is quite extensive.
What is Ozone Therapy Used For?
Anti-aging applications
Regulation of the immune system
Non-healing wounds (diabetic foot, decubitus ulcers, infected wounds, burns)
Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
Pain treatment (muscle-joint pain, back and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatic and neuropathic pain)
Chronic inflammatory diseases (autoimmune-rheumatic diseases, diabetes, MS)
Ozone therapy in the elderly (memory, vascular occlusion, Alzheimer's-Dementia, fatigue syndrome)
Cosmetic issues (cellulite, chronic skin conditions, fungal infections)
Weight loss
Circulatory disorders and vascular occlusion
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Regulation of sexual functions
Regulation of kidney functions
Support for coping with stress and depression (sleep disorders and anxiety)
Detoxification purposes (elimination of toxins)
Performance enhancement and vitality in athletes
Allergies and respiratory diseases (asthma-bronchitis, COPD, allergies)
Gastrointestinal diseases (ulcerative colitis, viral hepatitis)
Strengthening the immune system with ozone in cancer treatment and as a complementary measure against the side effects of chemotherapy
Advantages of Ozone Therapy
It is a natural treatment method. When administered by an experienced physician using the correct method, no side effects are expected due to the use of an ozone-oxygen mixture.
It can be applied simultaneously with many medical treatments and enhances the effectiveness of complementary therapies such as mesotherapy, PRP, and others (anti-aging, chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal diseases, etc.).
Is Ozone Therapy Used in Dermocosmetic Issues?
Ozone therapy can be applied alone or in combination with mesotherapy and PRP applications using personalized protocols for various skin problems.
Personalized protocols are applied for wrinkles, spot treatment, urticaria, hair loss, oily hair, acne, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, cellulite, and cell renewal.
How is Ozone Therapy Administered?
The application method, dosage, and frequency of ozone vary according to the patient.
Our clinic follows internationally approved treatment protocols.
Sterile disposable materials resistant to ozone are used throughout the treatment.
Local Applications:
Injection of ozone as a gas (subcutaneous, intramuscular, intra-articular), bagging method, use of ozone oils, and use of ozonated water.
The bagging method is highly effective in treating ulcers, wounds, open wounds, lesions after surgery, herpes zoster, and infected areas.
It can also be applied in the ear canal, vaginal, and as an ozone sauna.
Systemic Applications:
Injection of ozone into the patient's own blood (major autohemotherapy) or serum, administration of ozone as a gas through the rectum (rectal insufflation), or ozonating 2-3 ml of the patient's blood and injecting it into the muscle as an ozone vaccine (minor autohemotherapy).
Precautions After Ozone Therapy:
When used in appropriate concentration and volume, no side effects or complications are observed.
It is necessary to follow the specific recommendations of the physician (water, nutritional support, diet, and exercise recommendations, etc.).
Diseases Treated with Ozone Therapy
Circulatory disorders, anti-aging, revitalization, prevention and treatment in the elderly, skin fungi and infected skin lesions, eye diseases, infected wounds, weight loss, intestinal diseases; proctitis and colitis, liver inflammation (Hepatitis A, B, C), and especially diseases caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses.
Why Should You Choose Ozone Therapy?
The most effective way to detoxify our bodies is to have a strong immune system, a powerful antioxidant system, and well-oxygenated blood.
The most effective method for this is OZONE-OXYGEN therapy.
Ozone therapy is not 'ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE'; on the contrary, its effects have been scientifically proven through hundreds of studies.
Free Radical Defense in Your Body
Free radicals cause irreparable damage to our bodies.
In today's living conditions, factors such as the misuse of our bodies, air pollution, electromagnetic fields, excessive sun exposure, radiation, chemical additives, and inadequate and deficient nutrition lead to irreversible damage in our bodies and the accumulation of many toxins.
These accumulated toxins over time lead to the emergence of chronic and degenerative diseases.
Considering all these factors, the most effective way to detoxify our bodies is to have a strong immune system, a powerful antioxidant system, and well-oxygenated blood.
The most effective method for this is OZONE-OXYGEN therapy.
Diseases Treated with Ozone Therapy
Chronic fatigue
Asthma and allergic diseases, COPD
Support for cancer
Support for radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Non-healing wounds
Burns and scalds
Support after stroke
Rheumatic diseases
Musculoskeletal diseases
Sexual dysfunction
Bacterial and fungal infections
Rejuvenation and delaying aging
Circulatory disorders
Obesity - Weight problem
Inflammatory bowel diseases
Diabetes and complications
Cold sores in the mouth and genital area
Age-related macular degeneration
Women's diseases
Neurological diseases
Ulcerative colitis - Crohn's disease
Skin diseases