Regional Attenuation

What is Regional Attenuation?
Regional slimming is the burning of fats found only in certain areas of the person. This is usually the hip area, waist and waist circumference, arms and butt part. Patients eliminate the excess that they have not been able to give for a long time with these methods, and they also get rid of those stubborn fats. There are many different methods used for regional slimming. This occurs after a Decisional conversation between the patient and the doctor and the procedure is started. Regional slimming is never a slimming tool in the full sense. So it doesn't make you suddenly gain 30 kilos or more. You will receive support to get rid of your stubborn fat and you will be able to achieve a more fit appearance.

How is Regional Slimming Done?
For regional slimming, the most suitable method is determined for you as a priority. This can sometimes be done by heating the fats in the body, as well as sometimes by cooling them. You will also choose the most suitable one for yourself and sometimes you will have taken the first steps for applications made with a single session or multiple sessions.

What are the Regional Slimming Processes?
Regional slimming processes are proportional to how you are. The latest technologies that will also be used for fat burning will determine this. While some applications are performed with a single session, some applications may require 4 or more sessions of work. The result obtained with the applications, which are generally very satisfactory, whips everyone in this direction and makes it possible for them to have a physique that they will be much more comfortable with.

What Are the Side Effects of Regional Slimming?
It is almost impossible for you to face any problems or side effects because you continue to practice with December and sessions determined by specialist physicians.

Body Analysis
Body weight of an individual as a result of this analysis, Nov-oil-water ratios, basal metabolic rate, and metabolic age, with results such as the amount of edema in the body, adipose tissue and changes that occur in the tissues of the body will be able to learn on Nov. The weight that the person is currently at is measured; it is compared with the weight that should be according to his age and height, and the ideal process is determined.

The analysis process takes less than 1 min. 24 hours before the measurement, not doing heavy exercise and not drinking alcohol, not consuming Decaffeinated beverages 3-4 hours before the measurement, not smoking and taking a break from eating for 2-3 hours allows the measurement to be made more accurate.

Ozone Lipolysis
What is Ozone Lipolysis, one of the regional slimming methods? It is an application that is applied to the areas of unwanted weight in the body and allows to get rid of fat deposits.

What is ozone lipolysis, which allows getting a successful result in weight loss, which makes the person receiving the application reach their ideal weight? The fats accumulated in certain parts of the body can make daily life unbearable. Regional and excessive adiposity and weight, which appear as obstacles in many activities from dressing to moving, are eliminated by ozone lipolysis.

How is Ozone Lipolysis Application Performed?
Very thin needles are used in ozone lipolysis applications. With these needles, ozone gas is injected into the area where the lubrication is located. Ozone gas injected with fine-tipped needles into places with regional lubrication increases the oxygenation and lipolysis activity in the body. After the application of ozone lipolysis, a number of changes occur in the body:

Expansion of veins
Acceleration of blood flow to the area of lubrication
Acceleration of collagen and elastin synthesis
After ozone gas injection, the above changes occur in the body. This, in turn, helps to reduce fat formation and remove existing fat from the body.

Laser Lipolysis

What is Laser Lipolysis?
It is a method based on blasting the membrane of the fat cell directly with diode laser light. It also increases the formation of young connective tissue and collagen. Laser lipolysis, which is one of the latest technology applications in body shaping applications, is successfully used in the treatment of regional adiposity and skin laxity. It is also used effectively in regional fat surpluses, in tightening loose skin and in the armpits to eliminate sweating. In addition to areas such as hips, abdomen and waist, you can get rid of fat in the face area, arm-leg insides, under the chin and leg area in one session without bleeding (it varies according to body structure). This method increases the production of collagen in the skin by eliminating the oils accumulated under your skin and makes your skin look more taut and youthful. After the laser lipolysis application, you can resume your work or social life immediately. One of the advantages of laser lipolysis application is that it provides healing in a short time and the bandaging time is short.

What Should Be Done Before Laser Lipolysis?
There is no need to do any preliminary preparation before the treatment. Before laser lipolysis, you should have information about the medications that the patient is allergic to and your general health statuses, such as whether you have chronic diseases such as sugar, heart, and blood pressure. Laser lipolysis applications are usually applied in a single session. However, the number of sessions can be increased according to the volume of oily tissue and the excess looseness of your skin. It is possible to repeat this application with an interval of Dec. 3 months.

How is Laser Lipolysis Performed?
First of all, the places with regional excess are marked and regional anesthesia is performed to the area to be treated so that the patient is not affected by the heat energy released by the laser beam. Approximately at the end of the waiting period of 10.15 minutes, the area to be processed is thoroughly cleaned and an incision of 1-2 mm is opened. A 1 mm diameter cannula passing through the fiber that will make the laser pulse through this incision is inserted under the skin. With the help of this cannula, fat cells are broken down by making a laser shot in the fat accumulation area.

What Should Be Considered After Laser Lipolysis…
After the application is performed, the patient can immediately return to work and daily life. After the procedure, the destroyed fat cells do not come back. However, if the patient consumes more calories than necessary, it may cause an increase in the volume of the remaining fat cells. When faced with such a situation, it is necessary to apply the procedure again. Therefore, after laser lipolysis, our patients should do sports and pay attention to food intake.

What is the difference between Laser Lipolysis and Liposuction?
Classical liposuction shows technical differences according to the region to be applied. The liquid is supplied to the area to be applied and the oils are attracted with high negative pressure afterward. After this treatment method, which is usually applied in the hospital under anesthesia, the patient needs a recovery period of about 3-4 days.

Bruises may be observed in the patient for up to 10-15 days after liposuction application. After that, the patient should use a corset for about 4-6 weeks. When liposuction application is repeated, it may be more painful and traumatic than the previous one. It is sufficient to use a corset for up to 5 days after laser lipolysis application. If laser lipolysis is applied to the same area, it will be as light as the first session in the second session. Only a slight edema of short duration may appear.