Who is Dr. Bashar SHENYUZ?

Dr. Bashar SHENYUZ was born on January 1, 1967 in Istanbul. He completed primary school in Istanbul and secondary school and high school in Antalya. After his undergraduate education, he completed his medical education at Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine in 1991 and received the title of medical doctor.

He served in Elmalı Tuberculosis Dispensary, 112 Emergency Service and Antalya Training and Research Hospital Emergency Service for 15 years. Later, he stopped working in the state due to the full-time law and focused on my ozone therapy studies.

Before starting ozone therapy studies, after an 8-month research period, he received 3 separate pieces of training from Turkish and German doctors and after his training, he worked in the ozonotherapy clinic for 15 days and witnessed patient satisfaction himself. After this clinical experience, he opened his own private clinic in Antalya in 2006 and started to work professionally in the field of ozone therapy. Continuing his work on ozone therapy for 16 years, Dr. Bashar SHENYUZ is married and has two children.