Why Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is not an alternative medicine, it is a scientific treatment in modern medicine, all its mechanisms of action have been explained and its effects have been proven by clinical studies.

What is the Success of Ozone Therapy?

At the point we have reached today, we are happy that we were able to provide high satisfaction from the treatment in 3 of 4 patients who could not benefit enough from conventional medicine and drug treatments.

Concerning the reason, I use ozone therapy. I first learned about ozone therapy in 2005 when a friend of mine discussed it and its benefits. I spent eight hours researching it online. The more I looked into it, the more I was astounded by the unbelievable yet true consequences. I discovered that the benefits of ozone therapy can more effectively treat a variety of medical conditions that cannot be treated with medications. Along with all of its wonderful advantages, it had the huge benefit of having nearly no negative effects. 

I have long been willing to work in my own practice in order to ideally present the art of medicine and medical science (I say art because medicine is an art and is aided by science and knowledge). But I wanted to appear in front of people with a different and effective form of treatment.

When I encountered the multi-faceted healing effects of ozone therapy that even exceeded my expectations, it turned out that this was the type of treatment I was looking for. However, my research took 8 months and then I took 3 separate courses from Turkish and German doctors, and then I worked in an ozone therapy clinic for 15 days and saw patient satisfaction, I opened my own place in the beginning of 2006 and started to provide this service in Antalya.

At the point we are at now, we are pleased that in 3 of 4 patients who could not gain sufficiently from conventional medicine and pharmacological therapies, we were able to deliver excellent pleasure from the treatment. It is challenging to comprehend, though, why ozone's medical impacts are not taught in medical schools. Ozone therapy is actually a scientific treatment used in modern medicine; all of its mechanisms of action have been clarified, and its results have been supported by clinical trials. It is not an alternative medicine.