Skin Rejuvenation

Thanks to skin rejuvenation applications, tension, and tightening of the facial skin are provided. With the Skin Rejuvenation application, especially the hips and upper legs are visibly rejuvenated, stretched and the hips rise, sagging in the arms, and loosening in the waist and abdomen are recovered in body applications. In the problem areas, there is advanced improvement in the appearance of lumpy and orange peel. As a result, firmer, smoother skin and overall slimming and recovery are achieved. It can be applied to any skin color as a Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care application. Does not cause staining, and does not increase sensitivity to the sun.

Treatment Areas:

  •   Non-surgical skin lift
  •   Facial sagging, wrinkles
  •   Relaxation in the arms
  •   Recovery of the under-chin (jowl) region

Type of Treatment:
Skin Rejuvenation applications are applied at least 10 sessions at intervals of 5-7 days.

Who Is Not Applicable?

  •   Those who are pregnant
  •   People with pacemakers
  •   Those who wear metal prostheses
  •   Cancer patients
  •   It is not applied to those with Parkinson's and MS disease.