Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments provide tightening and firming of the facial skin. Through skin rejuvenation procedures, especially in body applications, noticeable rejuvenation and tightening occur in the hips and upper thighs. The buttocks are lifted, and sagging in the arms, as well as laxity in the waist and abdominal area, is addressed. Significant improvement is observed in problematic areas, reducing the appearance of dimples and cellulite. As a result, an overall slimming and tightening effect is achieved with firmer and smoother skin. Skin rejuvenation can be performed as a skincare procedure for all skin tones. It does not lead to discoloration and does not increase sensitivity to the sun.

Treatment Areas:

Non-surgical skin tightening
Facial sagging and wrinkles
Sagging in the arms
Tightening of the submental (gill) region
Treatment Procedure:
Skin rejuvenation treatments are applied in a series of at least 10 sessions with intervals of 5–7 days.

Not Applicable to:

Pregnant individuals
Those with a heart pacemaker
Individuals with metal prosthetics
Cancer patients
Those with Parkinson's and MS diseases