Youth Vaccine

Youth Vaccination
Youth time and damage due to external factors, aging skin sagging, wrinkles and deformation instead of eliminating young, healthy, a cosmetic treatment that keeps baby's skin smooth one. The biggest reason why the youth vaccination process provides such a fast and effective rejuvenation is the hyaluronic acid in its content. Hyaluronic acid is essentially a protein that is naturally produced in all humans. However, the production of this protein;

With the advancement of age,
Alcohol use,

It stops at a certain point with factors such as environmental pollution.
When hyaluronic acid, which is found in quite a lot of the skin of babies, is injected into the skin, a natural repair and healing process begins on the basis of the skin. Hyaluronic acid injected into the skin with the youth vaccine, provides the establishment of the collagen structure, provides long-term satisfaction of the skin's moisture needs, naturally supports collagen production and reduces the formation of wrinkles.

How Does the Youth Vaccine Work?
Pure hyaluronic acid, which is found in nature, is a structure that is already present in the skin but cannot be effective due to insufficient production. For this reason, as soon as hyaluronic is injected into the skin together with the youth vaccine, the skin starts the repair process quickly by taking the energy it needs. Effects:

The hyaluronic acid contained in the youth vaccine, which also acts as an antioxidant, restores the moisture, radiance, vitality and youthfulness that your skin needs.

The hyaluronic acid used during the treatment is actually a trigger that allows the skin to heal and repair itself. Therefore, one of the most natural and effective cosmetic methods is applied as a youth vaccine.

Youth time and damage due to external factors, aging skin sagging, wrinkles and deformation instead of eliminating young, healthy, a cosmetic treatment that keeps baby's skin smooth one.
*The process takes an average of 20-25 minutes.            

* There are no side effects, complications, or similar problems after the procedure.

*The procedure is performed with local Anesthesia.                      * Patients can return home immediately after the procedure.

*The procedure is performed by a painless and painless method.         *There are no specific traces left in the processing area.

How Is the Youth Vaccine Administered?
The youth vaccine is applied quite easily and practically. During the youth vaccination, hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin. At this point, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the hyaluronic acid used is not of animal origin and is pure, and natural. the youth vaccine, which is administered in as little as 15 minutes, is injected after local anesthesia is applied to the designated area. Since very thin needles are used in the injection process, there is no pain or pain. No special preparation is required before the procedure. The patient can return to his daily life immediately after the youth vaccine is administered.

How Long Is the Youth Vaccine Effect?
Youth vaccines can be administered at any age. The youth vaccine, which is recommended to be applied at regular intervals, especially after the age of 30, will be effective in the longer term as skin deformation is less at younger ages. Youth vaccine applied at the age of 30 or 35, two sessions with an interval of 15 days will be sufficient. The most effective results for the youth vaccine can be seen in the first 3 months. In order for the youth and vitality effect to be permanent, it is recommended to repeat the youth vaccination sessions every 3 or 6 months. In this way, the skin can continue to repair the skin from the inside with the hyaluronic acid it needs. Youth vaccination sessions can be applied at shorter intervals for older people.

To Which Regions Is the Youth Vaccine Applied?
The youth vaccine is applied to all areas of the face. Regions where it is applied:

  • Forehead,
  • In the middle of the eyebrow,
  • Eye and eye contour,
  • Décolleté zone,
  • Over the hand,
  • Neck,

The youth vaccine can be injected into the areas needed around the mouth and the entire face.

Antalya Youth vaccine can be applied regularly to the face, neck and hand areas that are needed for everyone from the age of 20.

What are the Benefits of the Youth Vaccine?
The youth vaccine especially helps to eliminate the harmful effects caused by the sun's rays. It supports the skin to repair the deformation caused by smoking and alcohol use on the skin. It provides the improvement wrinkles formed due to external reasons such as air pollution, stress, and improper nutrition. It supports the skin to regain youth and freshness, the rate of which naturally increases with the progression of age. With this support from within, the skin continues to heal and become beautiful in the days after the youth vaccine is applied.

What Are the Side Effects of the Youth Vaccine?
The youth vaccine is not a method that has risks or side effects in the long term. After the application of the youth vaccine, redness or bruising may occur in the area where the injection was made, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. The bruise or redness disappears within 2 days. Some people may have an allergic nature to hyaluronic acid. In order to prevent this condition, it should be investigated whether there is an allergy with a specialist team. Although there are no risks caused by anesthesia, since it is not performed under general anesthesia, it should definitely be performed by trained and professional doctors in the field, since injections are performed under the skin. Working with an experienced, successful and expert team is very important to keep all risks to a minimum.