Frequently Asked Questions

  • > How many sessions of ozone should be applied?

    Since ozone gas does not have an indefinite effect, it is aimed to continue its effect with single-session booster doses at regular intervals after 10 sessions. The frequency of sessions is determined according to the condition of the patient and the disease, again excluding the disease. In most patients, 2 sessions per week are recommended. 

  • > What is ozone therapy used for?

    One of the methods that can be preferred as a complementary therapy in cancer patients is ozone therapy. Oxygen therapy, which increases the activation of the immune system and supports the production of cancer-fighting cells, contributes positively to the general resistance of the body and helps cancer treatment. 

  • > What does an ozone sauna do?

    One session of ozone sauna causes 250 to 500 kcal to be spent. Increased circulation, reduced edema and removal of toxins from the environment with the help of heat, humidity and ozone oxygen ensures that the feeling of pain disappears. Removes Microbes: The human skin protects the body against various microbes that may come from the external environment.

  • > Is ozone an alternative treatment method?

    Ozone therapy is a treatment method that activates the body's own internal dynamics instead of giving a known drug to the human body. It is a treatment method that supports the body's fight against diseases by "teaching him how to fish" or "making him realize the problems he could not notice", unlike the treatments that have been given to the human body by giving "fish-medicine" to the human body for years. 

  • > Is ozone a reliable treatment method?

    Over the last three decades, ozone therapy has been applied millions of times in Europe. One of the most important scientists who revealed the medical foundations of ozone therapy, Dr. Velio Bocci reported that he had applied more than one million major autohemotherapy and encountered almost no side effects. 

  • > Is ozone harmful to health?

    Ozone gas is obtained from the air we breathe or from pure oxygen. Due to its unstable structure, it turns into oxygen, which is its raw material, after completing its task. It is not harmful to human health if it is a natural disinfectant that does not leave any residue and if it is not constantly inhaled. 

  • > To whom Ozone Therapy is not applied

    Ozone therapy can be applied for every condition and disease except the first 3 months of pregnancy, the period when hyperthyroidism is not under control, blood coagulation disorder and Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency (Favism, acute hemolytic anemia). 

  • > Does ozone therapy have side effects?

    It has no known side effects, but its effects are unpredictable due to the unstable nature of ozone. Common side effects; allergic reactions, embolisms and infections. 

  • > What is rectal ozone?

    The Rectal Ozone method can be defined as the direct administration of ozone to the body by careful absorption from the intestinal mucosa. 

  • > Is ozone therapy good for the skin?

    As a result of ozone treatment, you will have renewed, firmer and smoother skin. Ozone therapy plays an important role in the realization of these processes by increasing the blood circulation of the skin. With ozone therapy, you now have cleaner, renewed, softer and more rejuvenated skin. 

  • > Is ozone therapy good for rheumatism?

    Ozone application helps to normalize the excessive immune reaction seen in inflammatory rheumatism as it balances the immune system. It lowers inflammation in the blood. Patients with inflammatory rheumatism use chronic, long-term rheumatic drugs; With ozone therapy, the need for medication is reduced. 

  • > What is ozone injection?

    One of the complementary treatments applied to increase the quality of life and to be more vigorous and energetic is medical ozone therapy. Ozone gas used in ozone therapy is produced from pure oxygen in medical ozone generators. The produced ozone is always used in a mixture of oxygen in the treatment. 

  • > Is ozone therapy beneficial in diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia?

    Experimental and clinical studies have revealed that ozone therapy can be of great support to patients in such neurological diseases. Experimental and clinical studies have revealed that ozone therapy can be of great support to patients in such neurological diseases. Ozone therapy can help patients regain their lost functions, especially by helping oxidative damaged nerve cells produce signals again. 

  • > What is Botox?

    The botox process, which takes quite a short time, can be used to lift crowbars, forehead, neck, anger line, and eyebrows, to prevent sweating. The application time is 10-15 minutes. There is no pain and soreness felt after the procedure. Patients can return to normal work life immediately after the application. It is recommended not to go to the gym, hairdresser or sauna on the day the botox is applied, and you should not go to the pool for 3 days. Attention should be paid to the sleeping position on the same day, it is necessary not to lie face down. The full effect of botox is fully visible Decently between 5 and 7 days. 

  • > Which areas is Botox applied to?

    The areas where Botox is used the most and get good results are the upper parts of the face, including the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Although it can be used on the lower parts of the face and neck, it also gives good results in these areas. 

  • > Will Botox be permanent?

    Botox usually stays stable for 4 months, but its effect starts to decrease slightly between 4-6 months. It may be appropriate to have botox every 6 months.

  • > What is the Youth Vaccine?

    The youth vaccine is a treatment method applied to eliminate wrinkles, sagging and deformations that occur on the skin over time. The purpose of the youth vaccine is to increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin to ensure its permanence.

  • > What is lip filler?

    The method applied to people whose lips are thin from birth or who are thinned as a result of advancing age and who are unhappy with this thinness in order to plump and thicken their lips and the materials used in this process are called lip filler. 

  • > What is Cheek Filler?

    The cheek filler technique is one of the most effective methods in aesthetic surgery to plump the cheek area and contour the cheeks. Cheek dermal filler materials help to make the face look young by pulling the face up. The hollowness of the eyes decreases, the shape of the nose appears, the forehead and jaw dislocation are stabilized. 

  • > What is a Nose Filler?

    Nose fillers with a hyaluronic acid content, which are given by injection to correct the noses of the appropriate structure, the deformities that exist and make you unhappy, and the procedure performed are called nose fillers. For these applications, the person's nose structure, nose skin structure, cartilage and bone structure must be suitable for this.