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Let me tell why I deal with ozone therapy. When a friend of mine told me that there is a treatment form called ozone therapy and its effects in 2005; I have sat down on the internet and could not leave for 8 hours. When I searched, it is hard to believe but I have been amazed about its real effects. I have learned that many conditions which can not be achieved with drugs may be treated by effects of the ozone therapy easier. As well as all these positive effects, having almost no side effects was a big advantage. I have been disposed to practice in my own office to present the art of practice and medical science ( I call it art, because practice is a science and science and knowledge help it) within an ideal form. However, I was desiring to present a different and effective treatment form. When I have met with sophisticated healing effects of the ozone therapy which even gets over my expectations, it has appeared that the treatment form I seek was the ozone therapy. But, my researches have continued for 8 months and I have got three separate courses from Turkish and German physicians and after I have worked in an ozone therapy clinic for 15 days and seen the patients satisfaction, I have opened my office at the beginning of year 2006 and started to provide this service first in Antalya. At the current point, we are pleased to provide high satisfaction in 3 of 4 patients who can not benefit from conventional medicine and drug therapies sufficiently. However, it is hard to understand that medical effects of the ozone are not included in programs of medical schools. Actually, ozone therapy is not an alternative but also a scientific treatment within the modern medicine of which all mechanism of action has been explained, effects have been proven by clinic researches.



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